Railnation is Heating Up 

Its summertime 2015. Be sure to catch the Rail when we roll into your neck of the woods. As you see we are now a 4 member band. We have moved Bubba over to bass and are getting after the music. We have a couple of great events coming up that you won't want to miss. July 3rd in the park in our hometown of Gallipolis. July 11th in Westerville Ohio we will be in the headline act for Saturday's COBA Bluegrass Festival, August 15th we will take to the stage at the newly restored Markay Theater in Jackson Ohio. Make plans to see us at these shows, and any of the other great events that are listed on our site. Have a great Grassy Summer!!!

Fall in love with the Rail this fall. 

We are in full fall swing here at Open Rail Entertainment. We have some busy weeks ahead, and are looking forward to being at each of our upcoming venues. We want to throw a big thank you out to our sponsors DR Strings, V-Pick, Eddie Gray Guitars, Nichols Road Mandolins, for helping in 2014. We have a big weekend coming up this weekend, we are in Bubba and Kellie’s hometown of Beaver Ohio for their annual Oktoberfest October 3rd thru the 5th. We will have a booth at the Oktoberfest and will be visiting the good folks in Beaver all weekend, as well as taking to the stage Saturday at 2:00pm. We are also at Centerpoint FWB church on the afternoon of the 5th. The following Saturday we will take the stage for two shows at the Bob Evans Farm Festival in Rio Grande Ohio on October 11th at 11:00am and 3:00 pm.  It is always a neat day to be on the farm in Rio Grande. If you are coming to see us there please come early as the place is always a buzz and full of folks from all over the United States enjoying the city life. Sunday the 12th we are at Gallia Baptist Homecoming we promise this year that Bubba will not get lost…. The 19th of October we are at McDainel’s Crossroads church for the morning service. The 25th of October we will be at John Cardwell’s home church Guyan Valley Baptist church for a bean dinner and singing. That will bring us to the end of October. Some news we will be going back to the studio in the winter to try and have Saturday Night recorded for you all soon. We are getting some request for some songs that we do in concert but have never recorded like I Can Only Imagine, Three Rusty Nails, and the like. We may try to release something with those on them in the near future as well. I hope you enjoy the blog entry and we look forward to see you down the road.

Bluegrass Gospel Hour with John Sentell Spotlight band of the week 

Hey folks it is a blessing and honor to let you know we are being featured on a nationally syndicated radio program call Bluegrass Gospel Hour with John Sentell. He will be focused on our new project Sunday Morning. Please take a moment and support this radio ministry and our Brother in Christ John Sentell. It is John's labor of love that makes this program happen, and the blessing from our most high God that has made this program successful. Please check out the website http://www.smokingbluegrass.com/ and show your support to this brother and program.

WXIC 660 AM Ohio's Gospel Giant Has The Rail! 

Hello Railnation! So excited to share with you that 660 AM WXIC now has our newest gospel project Sunday Morning. You can give them a call and request our music at 740-947-7660. We were honored to meet a few of the DJ's from there they are some very fine folks. Join us in praying for the station and listen often as they have us in heavy rotation now.

Sunday Morning 

So proud to announce our new CD Sunday Morning is complete and avalible to purchase at our table. We will be bringing it online soon, and may have a few retailers around. We hope this CD is a inspiration to those that hear it, and that the words and spirit of the Savior speak to you as we sing. So glad that the folks who have heard it so far have the same reaction as we did. Wow that is powerful!

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